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Soha Blog

Still Looking for a Microsoft UAG-TMG Replacement?

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 17, 2015 8:28:05 PM / by Robert Berlin

Microsoft TMG-UAG alternatives abound, but what will you use to secure Internet-facing Microsoft applications such as Exchange and SharePoint?

While on a break from booth duty at VMworld 2015, I was able to spend time browsing the vendor solution exchange. The trade show floor was quite boisterous at times, and it was during one of these busy afternoon rushes that someone literally grabbed my arm and said, “Hey Soha guy, come talk to one of my customers about what you do!” (I was wearing a Soha polo shirt.)

It turns out the stranger who hailed me is a consultant who had been briefed by Soha. He brought me over to “another vendor’s booth”, introduced me to his client there, and proclaimed, “Soha can replace your Microsoft UAG-TMG solution. Talk to this Soha guy.”

And so we did.

It turns out this person, was looking for a Microsoft UAM-TMG replacement, since support for both products ended earlier this year. He concisely laid out his VPN and secure access use cases and requirements, and asked what Soha had to offer. I gave him my 2-minute Soha Cloud overview, at which point he said he wanted to learn more – a lot more. So I cut my break short, and went back to the Soha Systems booth for a deep dive and a demo.

If you are looking for secure access solutions for third parties, privileged users, or employees and you don’t want to use a VPN or third-party reverse proxy or some other cobbled-together, do-it-yourself open-source solution, you owe it to your organization to learn about Soha Cloud.

The Soha Cloud Solution

Soha Systems delivers a radically new security approach for applications hosted in the cloud that is more secure, simpler to deploy, and lower cost than existing solutions. Our service, Soha Cloud, is the industry’s only Cloud DMZ service that creates an air gap between your organization’s infrastructure and the Internet, minimizing your attack surface and making your applications invisible to the public. Unlike existing network security appliances and access methods, Soha Cloud enables companies to lock down all inbound access to their network and cloud infrastructure while isolating access to specific applications.

Interested in learning more? Download our Solution Overview or Get in Touch.


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Robert Berlin

Written by Robert Berlin