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Soha Blog

Did You Hear? CDNetworks’ Enterprise Application Security (EAS) Service is Powered by Soha Cloud!

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 21, 2015 9:23:58 AM / by Haseeb Budhani

CDNetworks, a global content delivery network (CDN) provider, is selling a new service called Enterprise Application Security (EAS), the foundation for which is provided by Soha Cloud. CDNetworks announced EAS last week, along with a marquee customer, McLarens. McLarens is leveraging EAS to securely deliver a critical, business application worldwide to its employees and partners.

With tens of thousands of web properties being secured and accelerated through 160+ PoPs worldwide, CDNetworks is clearly a major player in the CDN space. Given their global footprint, its no surprise that they saw a need in the market for an enterprise application security service that – till a week ago – did not exist in our industry.

We announced our relationship with CDNetworks earlier today.

So why is this news important? Two reasons:

First, this news underscores how far Team Soha has come in such a short time. Soha Cloud clearly addresses a critical need for enterprises and we have a number of happy customers leveraging our service for various use cases. By building a new product offering around Soha Cloud, CDNetworks has demonstrated a level of trust in Team Soha that comes not only from being able to provide a truly differentiated solution to their customer base, but also from having witnessed a superior team in action – a team that is one of the most coalesced and fast-moving out there.

The second reason speaks to how our collective industry is evolving. CDNetworks has been accelerating web properties for a number of very large enterprises for some time. These customers have been asking for a way to not only provide a fast, efficient user experience world-wide, but also provide a level of enterprise-grade application security that, until very recently, was only consumable via appliances from traditional vendors. Let’s dig deeper into this fact.

There was a time not too long ago when enterprises would build expensive WAN networks to connect their worldwide employees back to a primary data center. Next, they would deploy WAN Optimization solutions to accelerate application traffic over these expensive WAN links. Today, they have the option to select a CDN instead.

But when it comes to the application security stack (which includes Application Delivery Controllers, VPN gateways, authentication/authorization gateways, monitoring solutions, and a slew of other functions), enterprises are still forced to cobble together these stacks over months of time.

Soha Cloud delivers, in the form of an easy to deploy and consume service, the functionality typically cobbled together using VPNs, ADCs, AAA appliances, monitoring tools and an army of engineers. And it does so without requiring any changes to your applications, to your perimeter or infrastructure, or to the end user’s device. Soha Cloud does not give users access to the network – only to applications – while nullifying the network attack surface exposed by traditional infrastructure.

Soha Cloud is the clear evolutionary step for the application security industry, and we are grateful to our early partners – CDNetworks in particular – for sharing our vision.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to get in touch.

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Haseeb Budhani

Written by Haseeb Budhani